Lamar Buys Houses | Why We Buy Houses Fast In San Antonio


A lot of people struggle every day, facing challenges head on with nothing but determination and confidence as their tools. Although it is not an everyday occurrence, selling a house is a hurdle that may seem to stretch on forever, even when the seller is convinced they’ll have a fast sale.

The average American moves 11.4 times in their life ( Every situation, every reason behind the decision to sell home fast, is always connected to how the transaction is processed. Once the property is sold, only then can the seller breathe easy and move forward. But why does one have to wait for months to find a buyer?

If it were you, wouldn’t you want to complete the transaction within a week? Though it sounds surreal, it is not only possible, but we do it every day.

What Types Of Houses Can Be Sold Fast?

we buy houses fastEvery homeowner deserves to have access to an alternative method that can help ease the overall process of selling a house through having easy access to a home buying company. And so do you or people you know who are in need of a fast home sale. You may start to think – “Does this work for everyone? What if my house is too old or too small or not in good enough shape? Can I really find a buyer in a matter of days?” Well, of course, you can!

Lamar Buys Houses fulfills your immediate need to find a sure buyer. We are home buying company that provides assistance to home sellers who want to sell soon. We buy houses fast using simple, tested, and practical solutions to address the most common home selling concerns families face.

How do we do it? How fast can we buy houses? What type of houses do we buy?

Old properties are never too old

Old houses are less likely to sell compared to new and brand-new looking homes and have fewer chances of actually selling. But this doesn’t have to be an issue. With our team of real estate agents, we have been around long enough to appreciate your property and its value, and will be able to give you a fair cash offer.

Once we receive initial contact from you (just by filling out the simple online form), you will have your own a real estate agent who will assist you from day one of our partnership until the full cash offer is transferred to your bank. You’d be surprised how simple and stress-free it can be.

Properties in need of a new ownership right away

The house type isn’t really a huge factor when we decide we would buy houses fast anywhere in San Antonio. If you are a landlord who’s had enough of too many non-paying, troublesome tenants, or are a soon-to-be retiree looking for options to make your retirement transition as smoothly as possible we offer an easy solution. If you’re a young professional pursuing a life-changing career, or a newly-married couple looking to start having a family in a more child-friendly environment, we buy homes fast to assist you in your journey to a new beginning.

Pending renovations that are just too costly

There are many reasons a house would need renovation. The extent of the job would also depend on what aspect needs repair and the extent of the issue that needs fixing. Whether there is a structural issue (either a foundation issue or water-damaged floors and ceilings), an extension project that never saw its completion, or the most common wear and tear caused by extreme weather conditions; if the work needed is just too expensive then you have the option to sell house fast.

In San Antonio, more homeowners are given the opportunity to find better alternatives to seemingly difficult and challenging housing concerns. Whatever the condition, location, or home valuation may be, trust that we are here and that we buy houses fast to provide assistance and relief.