Lamar Buys Houses | Who Says You Can’t Sell Ugly Houses?


The biggest issue a homeowner has to face when it’s time to sell a house is insufficient fund. But why? Why would a homeowner worry about money when selling the house would mean having enough money to fund the transfer to a new place.? Do you really need to spend money to be able to sell a home fast?

The answer is both yes and… no. Yes, anyone who wishes to sell using traditional methods would need money to prepare the house for showing which means possible costly renovation and repainting jobs, lawn and curb appeal upgrades, as well as any appraisals or tests that would be required during the sale. This is a lot of money to spend just to sell your house.

The other option is no, you definitely do not have to spend so much to turn an ugly home to a like brand-new house. There is no way an ugly house would sell, you may begin to think. Well, there is a better – less expensive – way.

Consider Finding A Trustworthy Alternative Method

sell homes fastDeviating from the traditional path of selling a property, may cause a few uncertainties to arise. That’s completely normal, especially if you value your home and selling it was a decision you had to think through thoroughly.

Here at Lamar Buys Houses, we buy homes fast which could lead to trust issues some home sellers may have when they consider seeking our assistance. In order to feel more assured, you will need to understand the steps you’ll go through during the entire process, and then make the decision after you know all the facts.

Now, allow us to explain why we do not require renovation or house staging.

We aren’t selling our service. There is a big difference between a company that sells a service and a company that invests in providing service. Lamar Buys Houses is an investment company that offers assistance to homeowners who are in need of a speedy sale. Therefore, working with us means you are guaranteed of a sure sale once you agree on the sale terms.

We buy houses as-is. You can actually save a lot of cash if you choose to work with us. You won’t have to take a chunk of your savings to hire contractors to remove the imperfections in your house. A broken sink, old or moldy floor tiles, windows or doors with loose hinges, or a peeling paint could easily scare a potential buyer away. We’re different. We buy houses as-is, which simply means you won’t have to do anything other than talk to us to explain your property to us and discuss the transaction details.

We want to shorten the painfully lengthy process. Regardless of the physical appearance of the property, its market value or location; you can sell a home fast when working with us. It is always a priority within our team of real estate agents to treat every transaction with urgency and genuine care for both the homeowner and their property. Therefore, we will take over the responsibility of maintaining your property when you decide to seek out our assistance.

Sell ugly homes fast! No house is too ugly or too down-trodden. Once you initiate the intention to work with us, we will immediately assign a real estate consultant to focus on your case. Within 24 hours, you’ll hear from us so we can discuss our proven alternative method. Don’t allow doubts to linger in your mind – ask all the questions you might have, your personal real estate consultant will gladly answer all.

Again, we aren’t selling our service. We are focused on providing assistance so San Antonio homeowners can sell homes fast. Talk to us and find out just how fair our cash offer is.