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Frustrated with trying to find the right buyer? Tired of spending lots of time on potential buyers, only to have them back out at the last minute? Dreading the idea that you may never find the right buyer for your house?

Motivated to sell… yet no one is motivated to buy!?

You may be one of the many homeowners looking to sell a house fast in San Antonio, but for some reason or another have failed to find the right buyer:

  • Selling a house is a big decision. Completing the whole process can be a difficult path, especially if the property has been your home for years.
  • With the alarming occurrence of criminal activities, some neighborhoods are viewed unsafe and unfit to raise children. Young families are then forced to leave their homes to relocate to a much safer neighborhood.
  • Having to sell an inherited property seems too costly to maintain.
  • Also, moving to areas with more affordable living expenses can be a huge motivator.

In more stressful situations, money is badly needed and selling the house may be the only option left to recover and start anew.

How about you? Are you in need of a speedy sale as a solution to your money issues? Or are you eager to let go of a property you no longer need?

Use Your Time Wisely | We Buy San Antonio Houses Fast

Sell my house fast in San AntonioIt is undeniable that a large number of properties put up for sale took a big hit during and after the financial crisis in 2008. In a statement from statista.com it says, “Considering a variety of different concerns when it comes to the financial future of the United States, 44 percent of Americans were worried about not being able to pay their mortgage or rent as of 2016. Other top concerns included fears of not having enough money for retirement or paying for long-term care services.”

All of these houses, both sold and unsold, were listed using the traditional method using real estate agents.

You know the drill with this method. The realtor meets with you. You agree to list with them. They get the details on your property, snap some photos (this is a short to elaborate process), and they list the house in the MLS. You may have an open house or two. You will have showings. And if you’re lucky, you’ll find a buyer and close the deal.

These same steps are used to promote every property that needs to sell, which means there is no uniqueness or originality, everything is done the same way and as a result some houses (those that are a bit old and have structural or interior issues) have lesser chances of selling.

What does this really mean?

Homeowners, including you, will never know if the house will sell fast, or sell at all. There is no guarantee. There is no assurance that both the agent’s and your efforts will come to fruition. If you knew this uncertainty would befall you, would you still opt to go through the traditional path?

What if there was an alternative that would ensure your house sale? What if there was another path for you to take to complete a sale fast? What if you could get a guarantee that your property would sell within a week? Would you stick to the ‘normal’ process and wait for months without assurance… or would you step out into the open and embrace this alternative method which guarantees a positive outcome?

Seal The Deal Within The Week | Sell A House Fast!

You’ve probably heard of an alternative method that has been giving peace of mind to many homeowners – not just in San Antonio – but in the surrounding areas as well.

How do you for sale by ownerThis new process emerged after real estate investors heard the silent cries of families in need of financial assistance who weren’t able to leverage their largest asset. This fast-paced alternative has been found to be the solution to the long battle house sellers face when listing their property in the San Antonio MLS, SABOR.

Our group of experienced real estate investors, who have been in the industry for years, created a company solely for the convenience of households in need of assistance. We provide a speedy, simplified, and practical solution to address the most common real estate problems.

By slashing the wait time, we keep the sales process fast paced and with few to no roadblocks.

How do we slash the selling time-frame way down, you ask? We remove many of the time-consuming and cost-prohibitive steps in selling your home.

We Buy Homes Fast in San Antonio As-Is

Do not put any money into your home if you need to sell it! I buy houses as-is all around San Antonio TX! No renovation is required, no staging, no pricey fixes. No out of pocket costs. None. Zero. Nada. Guaranteed. In fact, we pay YOU!

We Buy Houses in three simple, straightforward steps:

Step 1 – Fill out an uncomplicated form and provide the most basic information.

Let’s be honest here, filling out several pages of documents to provide details about the house is a complete hassle. Therefore, you only need to provide the most basic information about your home.

  • Was the house brand new when you bought it?
  • Is it a duplex or a single-detached house?
  • Does it have a second floor?
  • What is the total floor footage?
  • Will it fit a four-member family? How about 6 or 7?
  • How many bathrooms?
  • Can the garage fit two or more cars?
  • Are there any current renovations going on?
  • How’s the water system? Do you have any leaking pipes?
  • Etc….

Whether the property is in good condition and doesn’t require any renovations, or it needs immediate remodeling, the chance of getting an expedited sale is dramatically higher with Lamar Buys Houses.

Step 2 – You’ll hear from us within 24 hours to further discuss the process.

We have a team of real estate consultants dedicated to assisting all homeowners who are eager and motivated to sell fast. After we receive your information, one of our consultants will come meet you and conduct an on-site visit. All additional questions we may have will be asked then in order to help us determine the value of the property.

This is also the perfect time to ask any questions you may have about the company, our process, or how the transaction will be completed. We promote transparency in all of our dealings, especially when communicating to all our clients.

Step 3 – Receive a cash offer for your home.

Once we have all the information we need, we assess the value of the property and then draft a written proposal of our cash offer. We never present ans unsubstantiated offers. We thoroughly research and analyze market data to ensure we present the most accurate and up-to-date offers.

Once presented with our fair deal offer, you are not obligated to accept. You always have the choice to consider other options. Just know, no other company can get the entire process done as fast; no other company is fair enough to present you with a no-obligation agreement.

Even better, we do not charge a transaction or a closing fee . You’ll have to spend zero cash out of your pocket when working with us.

And the best thing about this is we can complete the transaction in as little as five days. You don’t need to wait weeks to list your home and wait for a buyer… you could receive our fair cash offer in as little as one week!

The Bigger Picture When Looking to Sell A House in San Antonio TX

sell your san antonio homeOur goal is to prevent you from waiting (and waiting) for a prospective buyer to find your home. Do you really want to go through the whole stressful process when there’s a proven, alternative solution that can solve your problem in a much shorter time frame?

Wouldn’t you want to experience the satisfaction that successful home sellers feel after they’ve completed the entire transaction with us in just days? Don’t you think it’s only fair that you, too, find relief by quickly resolving your housing issue by allowing us to take it off your hands?

The solution is quite simple. We take care of everything and you can expect to receive the full amount directly into your bank as soon as the transaction is completed.

Lamar Buys Houses continuously puts in the effort to promote speedy and hassle-free transactions in order to reach our ultimate goal; that no homeowner is stuck with a problematic house while waiting in agony for the right buyer to come.

With perseverance and unwavering dedication, we will continue our campaign to provide assistance and help to all households in need of a fast sale.

Please note that not all possible transactions can push through.

Since we value honesty and transparency, we can not deal with properties that don’t have existing titles or clear ownership. Also, if the house is involved in an ongoing investigation (criminal or otherwise), a sale is not possible.

Other than the cases mentions above, if you’ve made up your mind to sell, we can buy your house.

We can start our partnership right away! Simply fill out the form below to start the process.

One of our real estate consultants will get in touch with you soon! We buy houses in San Antonio to provide solutions and peace of mind.

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