San Antonio Texas | Theme Parks And Water Parks

The Battle of the Alamo or the San Antone Missions National Historic Park isn’t the only tourist attraction you can find in the city. The Fiesta, Fiesta Primavera Spring Break, and the Texas Folklife Festival aren’t the only events that draw foreign visitors into the city streets. Although major events are what boosts the local economy, theme parks and water parks could fair equally.

Families, especially those with children, visit parks on weekdays, weekends, holidays, spring break, and vacation to spend quality time together. Friends and colleagues meet to unwind and relax while getting the vibe of childish joys and explorations.

The Must-Try Parks On Your Bucket List

San Antonio TXWhen you visit San Antonio, Texas to try out different food, sweet treats, and fun rides and you should consider creating a list which you can accomplish in a day or two without tiring yourself out. Here is a list of parks you definitely have to check out:


SeaWorld is the whole package. It offers fun rides with different themes that are surely child-friendly, presents animal shows that both entertains and educates children and adults alike, hosts seasonal events, and facilitates supervised animal interaction that is totally safe for everyone.

Aside from the thrilling rides like the Great White Roller Coaster, Journey To Atlantis, Rio Loco, and Shamu Express Roller Coaster; they recently opened a new ride – the Wave Breaker – where visitors are invited to join the SeaWorld Rescue team. Straddling a jet-ski style car, race out over the lake and turn along the 2,600 feet of track.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Six Flags Fiesta Texas is both a theme park and a water park. The place is unlike any other because instead of both parks overlapping, the themed rides and activities are found in one place while the water activities are found next to it. There are many choices to choose from. You may start out with thrill rides such as Batman, Boomerang, Goliath, Hurricane Force 5, and Poltergeist to water adventures like Bahama Blaster, Big Bender, Paradise Plunge, Tornado, and Thunder Rapids Water Coaster.

And of course, you can’t miss the variety of good eats you can find! Choices are All-American Fare, Asian Cuisine, Mexican and Italian Food, Healthy Options, and Ice Cream & Sweets.

Morgan’s Wonderland

Morgan’s Wonderland is a 25-acre amusement park in San Antonio, designed to cater to individuals with special needs. Gordon Hartman, a former home builder from San Antonio TX developed the park which opened in spring of 2010. The site design was inspired by his daughter who deals with cognitive and physical challenges.

Being a non-profit establishment, it is the first theme park of its kind in the world. Admission for those with special needs is free, while the accompanying family members, caregivers, friends, and the general public isn’t pricey. It has welcomed millions of guests from all 50 state and 56 other countries giving people with special needs and their families a chance to fully enjoy activities safe for all.