San Antonio | Different Museums, Unique Finds


A museum is a place of solitude and retrospection that enables us to explore our history for inspiration, learning, and enjoyment. Fortunately, museums safeguard and make accessible the artifacts and specimens from our collective past and then hold them in trust for us, our children, and our children’s children to come.

In San Antonio TX, museums are places that hold the historical identity of the people and the city itself. Aside from the undeniable Spanish and Mexican influence still evident in many local landmarks in the Alamo City, museums also house historical and specialty galleries. These infrastructures are one of the most visited tourist destinations for foreign visitors to the city.

Specialty Museums And The Magic They Hold

San Antonio, TexasSpecialty Museums are usually dedicated to a particular culture, collection, artifacts, theme, or display collection. These places are all over SA Town. And if you are into finding fun, rare and educational tours, then these places will surely entertain you.

Briscoe Western Art

Located on W. Market Street, Briscoe Western Art Museum is housed in the Alamo City’s first public library and newly constructed pavilion designed by Lake Flato, a nationally recognized architecture firm. The Briscoe Campus is the cradle spot for the Jack Guenther Pavilion, the historic Museum building and the adjacent McNutt Sculpture Garden spread across one-and-a-quarter acres in downtown San Antonio, Texas.

The institution was named to honor the late Texas governor, Dolph Briscoe Jr. And his wife, Janey. It preserves and interprets the art, culture, and the history of West America through exhibitions, public events, and educational programs which reflect the region’s shared heritage and rich traditions.

The Buckhorn Saloon and Texas Ranger Museum

The Buckhorn features wildlife of all forms from all over the globe, a collection of different animal species and oddities that have been collected for over 100 years. The exhibit halls are filled with over 250 wildlife species, where many are record holders. The famous 78 Point Buck is Buckhorn’s most prized record holder, an impressive rack that was sold to the saloon owner, Albert Friedrich, in 1890 for $100. Remarkable display pieces include the 10,000 year old prehistoric Irish elk and a 1,056 lb black marlin.

In 2006, Buckhorn expanded with an additional infrastructure, the Texas Ranger Museum. This new addition features authentic Texas Ranger artifacts which includes shotguns, automatic handguns, badges, and so much more. It also showcases the recreation of San Antonio at the turn of the century in Ranger Town. And of course, the Buckhorn Saloon, blacksmith replicas, and the famous 1934 Ford V8 Deluxe (replica) – the getaway vehicle of the infamous Bonnie & Clyde are included – are on display.

Witte Museum

Established in 1926 under the San Antonio Museum Association charter, Witte Museum is dedicated to the natural history, science, and South Texas Heritage. The permanent collection includes Texan art, historic artifacts and photographs, textiles, Hertzberg Circus Collection, dinosaur bones, and more. Its Artwork exhibits include the sculpture by local-born artist, Bonnie MacLeary.

It was named after the local businessman, Alfred G. Witte, who entrusted $65,000 to the city for the construction of a foundation of natural history, science, and art.