Lamar Buys Houses | How To Sell Unmarketable Houses Fast


Do you have plans of relocating to new a community which is closer to your work sometime soon? Are you considering different ways to get your house listed on the market? Are you aiming to get better exposure for your property so it would sell fast? Did your real estate agent promise to add extra promotional campaign for an additional fee? Do you think this is practical?

Many households in the country, at least once, have been forced to spent a lot of their savings in order to sell their property. It needs to look new, freshly painted, and furnished properly to have a better chance of attracting the right buyer. But this is a common misconception.

You Can Sell Terrible-Looking Houses

sell house fast San AntonioIn the past ten years, the mechanism in the real estate market had changed after the emergence of an alternative method that offers fast and simple processes. This alternative method of selling houses in San Antonio has helped many families move on with their lives after a successful sale in as little as a week.

This is what Lamar Buys Houses can help you with. We are a home buying company that provides genuine assistance to homeowners looking to sell a house fast in San Antonio but weren’t so lucky to find buyers in the time frame they were hoping. We strictly follow three simple steps when buying houses:

We buy houses as-is

What does this mean? Unlike the traditional market, property staging isn’t important. Why is that? Property staging isn’t important because houses are bought as-is. If the house has roofing issues, has peeling paint, or the ceiling needs replacement, it won’t matter. You do not need to fix the ‘ugliness’ of your home just so you can sell. We will do the much-needed overhauling once the property is handed down to us.

We buy houses without delay

Since we do not require quick repairs or any form of renovation, we effectively shorten the usually lengthy sales process. We remove all the time spent on taking pictures, attending meetings to discuss the marketing strategy, as well as all the effort it takes to keep the house show-ready inside and out.

We buy houses conveniently

Now that we’ve taken out several factors that affects the overall duration of the sale process, you are on your way to finding convenience. After you fill out the online form with the most basic information about the house, a real estate consultant from our team will contact you within 24 hours. An on-site visit may be necessary for us to assess the true value of your property and additional questions may be asked. Take this is the time to ask your own questions, and if you have doubts or concerns, your personal consultant will willingly address all.

It’s very possible to sell house fast in San Antonio in as little as 5 days! Peruse our site to find out how many home sellers have found our assistance truly effective and reliable.